detox diets and organ health

More people are becoming interested in detox diets and organ health. As a health educator, one of your roles is differentiating evidence versus popular media and marketing. In this discussion, we will explore evidence that supports the role of nutrition in liver health to add to your ability to differentiate nutrition science from media. Start […]

should advanced practice nursing be guided by theory?

Application of Nursing Theories in Practice and Research should advanced practice nursing be guided by theory? Why or why not? All advanced practice nursing should be guided by theory. The main purpose of the theory aspect is improving practice which is attained through positively influencing the health status and quality of life of the patients […]

NU 708 MODULE 7 Evidence Based Practice

Evidence Based Practice Sustainability   Introduction The application of Evidence-Based Practice in nursing is essential since it enhances decision-making process thus resulting in quality care provision and improved patient outcomes. Evidence-based practice entails application of the most appropriate information when formulating decisions relating to the provision of care (Melnyk & Fineout-Overholt, 2019). In the contemporary […]