[Quantitative Thesis sample]

The purposeof this researchis to examine dimensionsof service quality, which areTangible(X1), Reliability(X2), Responsiveness(X3), Assurance(X4), and Empathy(X5)that have a main role in driving  overall Customer Satisfaction(Y). The  design  of  this  research used a quantitativeapproach and primary data in the form of 180 questionnaire responses were been collected from a costumers PT. Hasta Ayu Nusantara.The findings of […]

A Strategic Marketing Report on Gregg Inc

Introduction The success of any organisation solemnly depends on how effective or ineffective their strategic marketing is. Strategic marketing can be defined as the analysis, actions and decisions made by an organisation aimed at creating and sustaining itself an acquire competitive advantage. An organisations strategic marketing encompasses the company visons, missions and strategic objectives. In […]

Why availing help from online assignment help website is a wise decision to make

Online assignment writing websites have mushroomed in the last few years, do you understand why? The reason is simple, it is beneficial for the students struggling with assignments, dissertations, coursework and much more at the college. Hence, online assignment help websites come to your rescue. There are multiple reasons to choose online assignment help service, […]