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Chapter 13: Firewall Implementation

Learning Objectives and Outcomes

Given a brief scenario, you will learn which parts of an organization need to be protected and why.

Discussion Requirements

This discussion focuses on an insurance company that handles private medical data and accepts credit card payments for insurance premiums.


Discuss why the following must be protected in this context (what are the risks):

What are ways in which each of the above items can be protected in this context?

Summarize your thoughts by handwriting information in the provided worksheet or in a Microsoft Word document and submit it to your instructor. Respond to at least two other students’ views to engage in a meaningful debate regarding their choices or to defend your choice.

Required Resources


Submission Requirements

  • Format: Microsoft Word
  • Font: Arial, Size 12, Double-Space
  • Citation Style: MLA
  • Length: 1–2 pages

Self-Assessment Checklist

  • I described at least one risk to each of the listed entities.
  • I described at least one method for protecting each of the listed entities.
  • I responded to at least two other students’ views to engage in a meaningful debate regarding their choices or to defend my choices.


Week 7 Final Paper

  • Week 7 Final Paper

DUE: Nov 24, 2019 11:55 PM

Grade Details

  • GradeN/A Gradebook CommentsNone

Assignment Details

Open DateOct 7, 2019 12:05 AMGraded?YesPoints Possible170.0Resubmissions Allowed?YesRemaining SubmissionsUnlimitedAttachments checked for originality?Yes

Assignment Instructions

Week 7 Final Paper

For Week Seven, you will be using the material covered in your reading list and the APUS Library, to develop a paper which explores one of the sensorimotor systems (e.g., vision, touch, taste, smell, or attention. You will not be allowed to use hearing as a topic as it was examined in the Week Two paper.) from a biopsychological perspective. Be sure to address, the physiological (structure and function) as well as the psychological (cognitive-perceptual) underpinnings of the system. Use each item as a required subheading in your paper. Students should preview the grading rubric before beginning the assignment.

The paper should include:

Be a minimum of 4 and a maximum of 5 full pages, size 12 font Times New Roman, double spaced with 1 inch margins, NOT including the Title and References pages.

A title page

Include the sub headings of: “Physiological Underpinnings”, “Structure”, “Function” “Psychological Underpinnings”, “Cognitive-Perceptual”.

100-120 word abstract

Introductory paragraph ending in a clear thesis statement

Several well-developed (5-7 sentences) body paragraphs that explore the topic in detail

A summary and conclusions paragraph

Four references, three of which cannot be from the class readings.

Be sure to submit your project in one Word document in APA 6th ed. format and attach it below.


Discussion – What’s Eating You?   

Methicillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus (MRSA) is one of the more prevalent nosocomial infections in healthcare facilities today. Any patient with a compromised immune system or open wound is susceptible to contracting MRSA from medical staff or given family members. Although MRSA is commonly connected to health care facilities, MRSA can be found anywhere.

For your initial post, discuss who you believe to be at the highest risk for MRSA outside the health care environment? Explain. Discuss the common fomites or transmission factors involved as well as preventative measures the public can do to reduce or prevent MRSA infections.

For your reply post, expand on your peer’s ideas by sharing examples from your own experience or readings, suggesting outside resources to support the topic, and/or asking a furthering question to dig deeper into the topic.


“Expand on your peer’s ideas” needs more than 1 – 2 sentences for an acceptable reply.

If you refer to a website or article, be sure to cite it in APA format. This prevents plagiarism and allows your fellow students to review the cites and increase the class knowledge base.


The Final Project challenges you to use the information gained from your Homework Assignments and other concepts learned in class to better your candidacy as a future employee for your chosen company (Ford Motors Company). including analyzing your career potential in this organization.

The Final Project will be a 4-6-page written report, not including the title page, references, and any necessary appendices. This project is worth a significant percentage of your Course Grade. Be sure to keep up with the project!

I will upload the HM Assignment questions.


Write a 175- to 265-word response to the following:

  • Much attention is given to the multi-generational clinician workforce. But what about multi-generational administrative workforce? Are the challenges similar?
  • What about interactions between multi-generational clinical and administrative workforces?

Cite at least 1 peer-reviewed, scholarly, or similar reference to support your assignment. Textbooks and websites will not meet this requirement. Please take a look at databases such as ProQuest as an example. References, citations and direct quotes will not count towards the word requirement.


I have attached the link to an article off of New York Times. It is about the opioid epidemic and healthcare providers performing unethical tasks.

The assignment is,

Read the article and write a 5 page paper, the first page should be about the review and summary of the article and the remaining 4 should emphasize your personal analysis of the article by using the text. Personal Analysis is emphasized as this should be a reflection not reiterating what happened in the article. You MUST relate the article to chapter 10 in the textbook attached!

This is a business Ethics Course so the assignment should reflect that.

5 page paper double spaced

Text Book-

Business Ethics: Ethical Decision Making and Cases, 12th Edition.Ferrell, Fraedrich & Ferrell.Cengage Learning (publisher): ISBN #: 9780134238289 (looseleaf edition only)


What is a caste system?Does USA have this caste characteristics, explain ?

Kindly be brief and NO PLAGIARISM