SAMPLE Rhetorical analysis of the movie wolf of wallstreet


Rhetorical Analysis of ‘The Wolf of Wall Street’

The movie The Wolf of Wall Street starts off as Jordan Belfort is working for a renowned Wall Street stock market firm in the ’80s. Jordan Belfort meets another broker, Mark Hanna, also known as Matthew McConaughey who has more experience and a higher status. McConaughey teaches Belfort all the secrets of Wall Street as he Belfort works under McConaughey wing (Belfort, 2011). Most of the secrets of becoming successful in Wall Street are dirty and they don’t abide by human ethics. At the same point, there are a few tricks that are good. Jordan Belfort realizes that he can make more money if he decides to start his own firm. With a team of five employees, Jordan Belfort and his friend Donnie Azoff starts selling blue-chip stocks which include Disney, Kodak, and Steve Madden. The first approach was to gain the trust of their clients. Once the client gained confidence with them, they would push the “penny” stock to their client. Penny stocks are stocks that do not chance and Belfort and his friend would make all the money. Belfort has a gift of lying that he uses to manipulate the decisions made by his clients and his employees.

Thesis Statement

Poverty makes many people desperate of anything that can change their financial and social status creating a gap for people like Belfort to exploit them by promising to enable them to get a lot of money.

Rhetoric Strategy

The Wolf of Wall Street is about greed. The purpose of the speech that is delivered by Jordan Belfort is to make his employees work harder targeting to get rich. The speech reflects the life of the rich investors in the New York stock market who are chasing money, sex, and power. Jordan Belfort is a middle stockbroker who is aspiring to rise to greater heights by using employees who work below him. The aspirations of becoming a rich and powerful person make him use persuasive language to lure employees to work hard, promising them that they will become rich but in reality, he is the one who will become rich. In this stock market, many people use different tricks to become rich. Nobody cares about the ethics as long as the deals that they engage themselves into amounts to good returns.


Jordan Belfort is the main character in the movie The Wolf of Wall Street. Belfort uses persuasive language to make his employees work extra hard and make more sales. Due to his character, Jordan Belfort was also known as Leonardo DiCaprio. Belfort pushes all his employees to become the best in the stock markets. Belfort explains to his workers how to become very rich and change their status in society. “I’ll make you richer than the most powerful CEO of the United States of fucking America.” (Hadley, 2014). The persuasions are intended to make employees admire to become rich and get a better life. Belfort states that there is no nobility in poverty and when presented with a choice, he would always choose rich over poor.


In the speech, Belfort takes the employees through a journey of poverty. When one is poor, nobody in society respects his or her. Most of the rich people in society are respected and they live a better life. In a three minute address, Belfort shows his employees that their firm has a potential of becoming the largest stock market in Wall Street. The process of establishing itself as a huge company will require a lot of money. Belfort, some of his employees, and his friends live an expensive life wearing expensive designer clothes, driving flashy cars, inhaling cocaine, living in huge apartments and hiring prostitutes. The lifestyle approach convinces many employees to work hard so that they can afford a similar lifestyle.


Belfort uses real-world problems to persuade his workers that he can change their lives. Belfort narrates to his employees how he used to make $49 million when he was only 26 due to hard work. In the same line, Belfort looks pissed off by his status than because he had a chance of making a million every week. The behavior shows that Belfort is a person who is not only rich but also looking for more wealth. All the employees are convinced that by working hard and convincing their clients, they will lead a good life as that of Belfort. “See those little black boxes? They are called telephones. I’m gonna let you in on a little secret about these telephones. They’re not gonna dial themselves! Okay? Without you, they’re just worthless hunk of plastic. Like a loaded M16 without a trained Marine to pull the trigger” (Hadley, 2014)


Poverty makes most people desperate for anything that can help them change their social and economic status. Belfort knows this and he uses it as a tool to convert his employees so that they can work for him and make him richer. Belfort has a gift of lying and he teaches his employees how to manipulate the decisions made by their clients. The number of employees in his firm expands to hundreds. Belfort knows that his time to shine has come and he takes that opportunity to give an inspirational speech to his workers. The speech is aimed at making the workers work as hard as they can for him so that they can make a lot of money and expand the business. Belfort took three minutes to convince everybody that he will make them rich and all that he needed from them is to pick up the phone and start talking to multiple clients. Most of his employees are able to break the code of ethics as long as they make huge amounts of money.


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Writing an essay on exemplification is not difficult. Argumentative essays that focus on exemplification are a better way to support a point of view and are easier to write. Get assistance with coursework writing service.

What is an Exemplification Essay?

Let’s first define what an exemplification essay is. An exemplification essay, by definition, is an analytical or argumentative essay that uses examples to support the writer’s thesis statement. It is important to use facts, quotes, statistics, examples and even facts when composing argumentative or analytical essays. An exemplification essay must be focused on examples only. Let’s now see how to create an exemplification essay.

Referencing For Your Exemplification Essay

Each point should be supported by a clear example essay. Any information of significance that is not referenced will be deemed untrustworthy.

Cite all references in your exemplification essay. It is important to properly reference in-text citations. This is the best way of avoiding plagiarism.

Transition words and sentences should be used. Your paper should be interesting to read and flow well. To make smooth transitions, think about the person who uses terms such as “furthermore” or “for instance”.

Be sure to verify the figures and facts. You should not assume that every fact can be derived from different sources. You should only rely on reliable sources. However, you must still double-check all data.

Writing a thesis for your Exemplification Essay

The entire paper is dependent on a strong thesis statement. It must be checked to make sure it stands up. If an unpredicted trend is found in the research body, the thesis statement can be modified to suit the findings. This is especially true when writing the outline for the exemplification essay.

The Body of an Exemplification essay

Start by organizing the points that will support your thesis statement by assigning a level of importance to them. It is recommended that you place the weakest points or statements first and then move on to the more important ones. Remember that every claim, no matter how strong it may be, must be supported by strong evidence and an example.

In an exemplification essay, you can use many different types of examples.

These include

  1. Brief
  2. Comprehensive
  3. Personal
  4. Hypothetical

Any combination of any of these should be used to support points. However, the writer can include short examples to help illustrate a specific idea. You should try to find as many examples possible, and then decide which one should be the main evidence.

Use relevant and interesting examples. Avoid boring findings. This will discourage the reader from finishing the paper. The article body should be arranged in a coherent order.

Conclusion of an Exemplification essay

Exemplification essays should be as interesting and relevant as possible. A conclusion that is satisfying to the reader will make the work feel complete. Unfulfilling endings will result in a poor grade.

Ten Steps to Writing an Exemplification Essay

A plan will make the writing process much easier. Writing an example essay requires several steps.

Choose Your Exemplification Essay Topic

The first step in selecting the right topic for your work is choosing the right theme. The topic must satisfy at least one quality. This includes but is not limited to: current, specific, helpful, unique, or unique.

These topics are attractive to readers because they offer an opportunity to read up-to-date, unique, and current information. It is important to not limit topics to too narrow or wide. Topics that are too broad can be overwhelming and may not be interesting to readers.

Do Your Research

There will be no material if there has been no research done on behalf of the author. Remember that the more information you have, the more examples you will be able to use in your exemplification essay. It is important to source information, but it is equally important to verify that the source is quality.

It is important to not rely on easy-to-use and editable websites such as Wikipedia. They are unreliable. Personal blogs are the same. The best journals, scientific newspapers, online encyclopedias, and personal blogs to use are reputable ones.

use  appropriate examples

Exemplification essay examples must be interesting and have some application. Take Bill Gates as an example when you write an exemplification essay on leaders and their personal characteristics.

He worked so hard as the founder of Microsoft that he was only allowed to take 2 weeks off in the years 1978-1984. This is a lifestyle that’s most suitable for a leader.

Write your Outline

It is important to arrange your examples in a local order to support your thesis statement. There is no one right way to create an outline for your exemplification essays. However, the five paragraph format is recommended. This structure includes one paragraph for your introduction and one paragraph for your conclusion. There are three paragraphs for each body paragraph.

Write the main body of your Exemplification Essay

Although it should come after the introduction, the body is the most important part of an exemplification essay. The main body paragraph should contain an example, a topic sentence and a proper transition. This allows for strong examples and an outline of the essay.

Write the Introduction

The introduction of a writer to an exemplification essay should have three purposes: attraction, preparation, and interest. The first sentence should grab the attention of the reader. You can grab the attention of your readers by asking a rhetorical question or stating boldly. Next, you need to provide background information. This will help readers feel more confident as they look at the examples below.

Create the Thesis statement

Finally, create a strong thesis statement. This statement should be able to summarize the entire structure of the exemplification essay and must directly relate to the examples. This can be a factual statement or observation, as well as a personal opinion or question that the exemplification essay is trying to answer.

The writer must choose the type of paper that they want to write when forming their thesis. IB extended essays, which are longer papers, require more detailed thesis statements to cover a wider range of facts and arguments. You can fit more words into shorter essays.

A thesis is a guideline that is intended to help you write the outline. It makes it easy to break down an essay. Keep track of all sources so that you only use the most relevant examples. It’s better to use more complex examples than less efficient ones. All of them must work in the writer’s favor.

Create a Conclusion

A good conclusion should cover 10% of the essay. To remind the reader of the whole story, paraphrase the thesis statement. As a final display of the examples, you can briefly recite the sections. Next, create the sentence that ties it all together. It should be constructed so that readers will not have to ask a single question.

Proofreading and editing your Exemplification Essay

Read the entire text and find any weak sections in the rough draft. These should be replaced. Finally, correct any spelling and grammar errors. You can continue the process until you are satisfied.



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Financial Analysis. Financial analysis is the study and analysis key indicators that show the financial health of an organization. Financial analysis is useful in making investment, management, and other decisions. Financial analysis can be part of broader terms like analysis of economic and financial activities, and economic analysis. Although you don’t have to do a complete financial analysis of an enterprise, you might need to address some of these components: The coefficients for autonomy (ratio equity (assets) to the enterprise) and the coefficients for financial dependence (ratio assets to liabilities). The ratio of short-term assets and current liabilities is called the coefficient of current liquidity. Ratio between liquid assets (including cash), and short-term liabilities. Ratio between enterprise net profit and equity, or the return on equity. The ratio of gross profit (gross profits) to revenue is called profitability of sales.


The financial report is subjected to a vertical analysis. Examine the financial statements. During the same reporting period, this checks the ratio between the specified metric and other related indicators.


For financial reporting, horizontal analysis is used. This is a type of study that compares financial data over time. This is sometimes referred to as “trend analysis.”


Toffler model developed in 1977 by R. Toffler, and G. Tishaw. It is a method for forecasting bankruptcy.

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How to Write an Article Review


Article review formats allow scholars and students to critically evaluate the work of others in a field. Experts often look at the work of peers outside of education to assess its originality, clarity, and contribution. All those who will be writing an article review need to know the definition. An article review is necessary to have a clear understanding of its contents and be able to use it in the future. There are many scientific articles published today, both electronic and printed. You need to know how to identify and analyze scientifically relevant studies from the vast array of information available.

An Article Review is Essential

Analytical evaluations of articles written by other authors are done to assess the suitability of the hypotheses and theories as well as the calculations that were made for the reviewer. Science is the process of finding and applying information to create new knowledge. Scientists can exchange their results through specialized journals, which are an invaluable source of information.

Analyzing a review is a process. Analysing is the study of the structure of a phenomenon or process. A scientific publication should be structured logically. It lends itself to analysis and evaluation.

The focus of a scientific article can influence the method used to analyze it. A study published in a mathematics and physics edition will be treated differently than a paper published in a journal that is more humanitarian. However, there are some general principles to be adhered to.

How to write an article review

when writing an Article review, it is important to consider these  key elements.

  1. Publication’s formal characteristics. The credibility of a journal is a key factor in the scientific community. There are many factors that influence credibility: the journal’s historical popularity (names that are considered to be authoritative), strong citations that indicate that it is publishing research that is of high quality, strict peer review (ensures the selection of quality articles), and thematic focus (the more narrow it is the better it will find useful content for the reader).
  2. Author. Trust and enthusiasm are more likely to be shown by a well-respected scientist in their field. It is also important to consider the affiliation of the author with a university or scientific institution. The article that was published within the context of a grant has an added value because the author has met the criteria for justification and competition selection.
  3. Annotation. Annotation. An annotation allows the reader to predict whether or not the text will be interesting and useful.
  4. Relevance of the topic. These points are required by most scientific journals to be highlighted in the body. The reader should understand the problem it solves before they read an article. These solutions are unique in their scientific novelty, innovative approach and unique perspective on the problem in question.
  5. Stylistic matching. The reader must ensure that the author is an expert in their field from the very first lines. You must adhere to strict criteria regarding style, terminology clarity, and text integrity. A person who has the right skills and knowledge can create a valuable scientific article.
  6. Sequence of presentation. The structure and logic of a scientific text must be clear. It is essential that the hypothesis must be thoroughly considered, using only defined methods and sources. At the end, you will draw well-founded conclusions.
  7. High quality of used literature. Before you read the main article, make sure you open the list of previously used literature. These must be relevant and authoritative texts. A detailed analysis of any previous research that the author has used is also a key point in the article.
  8. Detail methodology. This is essential to ensure that the material is solid and retains its value. Scientists can only build theories and draw conclusions if they have a clearly defined method.
  9. Experimental component. Data from experiments, sociological surveys, scientometric research, are presented in a correct manner and within the context of accepted terminology. They should be understandable by specialists in the field. The reviewer will evaluate the method used by the researcher to record events and assess how they interacted with other phenomena. What approach was used? Was it subjective, creative, or dogmatic.
  10. Critical analysis. Two main elements of the methodology are used to assess the work’s value. Theoretical: What new knowledge is the publication providing? This theory is needed by whom? Practical: Is it tested? What and where can you use the results? What are they changing? Is the author impartial? Is the author able to back up his or her conclusions and does it match the research results?
  11. The validity and value of the findings. The last part of the text takes into consideration the research conducted. These conclusions are consistent with the previously mentioned novelty, relevance, target orientation.


 Criteria for evaluation for writing a journal review

You should be aware of these things when choosing and analyzing a scientific article to write a review.

  1. The presentation of material in scientific style
  2. Scientists who supervise the author
  3. Theses, information, main points, and the content of the material
  4. The theoretical significance of the methods proposed
  5. Practical relevance
  6. The text amount
  7. Analytical materials


Formats: MLA Article Review and APA Article Review

When it comes to article reviews, citing styles such as MLA or APA can cause a lot of headaches. It is important to correctly communicate your thoughts, analyse them, and then bring them together in a cohesive form. You must also ensure that your citations are correct. This detail may not seem important at first, but it can lead to a poor grade in your article review.

The good news? Both an MLA format and APA format article review are very different. This means you don’t have to learn a completely new way to highlight your sources. Understanding the differences will help you make article reviews easier. These similar features can cause confusion and may pose a problem for some people.

Formatting is the same for both APA and MLA style articles. This information must include author’s names, source names, publisher and publication years. The order in which these information is presented is slightly different.

You should pay more attention when using APA format to cite. It is different from MLA format. A publication address is also required. APA citations should be formatted in the following manner: author’s last name, initials. (Year of publication). Italics of the title of the source. (Number and type of edition). Publication Place: Publisher.