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Assume you are a researcher who is interested in discovering factors that impact happiness. As part of your literature review, you have read about countless variables that have been linked to happiness, but the ones that caught your attention in particular were exercise and stress. You recently read a paper showing that exercise is positively correlated with happiness. Another paper indicated that stress is negatively correlated with happiness. In light of these correlational studies, you have decided to conduct an experiment to test the causal relationships between these variables. You are also interested in knowing if there is any interaction between them. To conduct your experiment, you recruited 20 participants and asked half of them to drive to work every day as normal while the other half were asked to cycle to work every day instead of drive. Additionally, half of the participants from each group were assigned to be in a low-stress condition while the other half were assigned to be in a high-stress condition. After two weeks, all participants completed the Subjective Happiness Scale, on which scores can range from 1 to 7, with higher scores indicating more happiness.