After reading the assigned chapter for Module 11, determine which of the following personality theories you think best explains how personality develops. Submit your response in the dropbox. Be sure to give sufficient details about the basic ideas of the theory.

Personality Theories

The Big Five

Freud s Theory

One or more of the Neo-Freudians

Social Learning Theory

Behavioristic View of Personality Development

Humanistic theory

Assignments must be submitted as a Microsoft Word document or rtf using the dropbox.

I cannot open Pages documents.The participation assignments are based on your readings and usually require an answer that is a paragraph in length. Grammar, spelling and punctuation are part of the grade so proof read before you submit.

Your assignment should be based on the reading in the textbook and should contain details using specific terminology from the text.

Do not quote the text without a citation. Write in your own words. It is not necessary or desirable to refer to other sources. Participation is a cooperative approach to learning.