self-assessment essay on technical competencies

self-assessment essay on technical competencies

Question descriptionMore and more there is an expectation by employers and others that upon completion of a Master’s Degree in the field of Health Administration you will show knowledge and skills – competencies – that demonstrate your readiness for professional work in these fields.

In these assigned essays, you are asked to REFLECT and then DISCUSS, your own competencies, and DEMONSTRATE AN AWARENESS of your own strengths and areas for further growth. No matter where you are in your career, you should be able to assess you education, and prior life experience has prepared you to move ahead as a professional.

Prepare an essay on specific competencies [knowledge and technical skills [not just technology skills, unless they are relevant to your future career] that you have (or you expect to have) upon completion of this master’s program. Support your essay with evidence or examples from your prior or current work settings, volunteer roles, and course work, as well as any self-assessment questionnaires you may have previously completed. [at this time do not discuss the competing values questionnaire]

Compare your current competencies with those required for a specific position of the type for which you desire to qualify and discuss where you are well-prepared and where you anticipate needing further on-the-job experience to reach the desired competencies. You may also compare your own competencies to those of a leader or mentor in the type of position you are seeking. For this essay, please include a description of a real relevant position [with the full job description and a posting, if available], focusing on the required and desired qualifications.

This essay should be at least 5 pages long, double-spaced. The position description is not part of the page count, and should be submitted simultaneously, if possible.

P.S: please write an essay based on hospital project administrator position