please this assignment is the final one and worths a lot. please read the instructions before you bid. DUE IN 16 hours

the instructions:

From the syllabus:

Your writing assignment is to write an analysis of its electoral politics. Your report will discuss and analyze your assigned polity including constituency characteristics and recent electoral outcomes. You should briefly discuss recent and current electoral context including candidates running in primary and general elections and issues that seem to be important to voters. By applying material presented in the class and the readings, as well as any outside material, you should predict the outcome of the 2020 election in your constituency. You should evaluate your own expectations and discuss what you have learned (from the class and from actual voters in your assigned district!). During the last two weeks of the semester, each student will make a very brief presentation about their electoral constituency, the election context, and predication of the election outcome.

Additional information:

* Your paper should include about 7-8 pages of text, exclusive of references, any tables of figures, a cover page, etc. You should cite sources, quotations, and so forth in your paper. The paper has three basic parts. The longest section (about 4 pages) should provide relevant descriptions of your congressional district including constituency characteristics and key demographics. This section should also discuss recent election results in the district including the 2016 and 2018 elections. A discussion of partisan competition, influential interest groups in the electoral environment, media markets and outlets, political and campaign issues, and candidate experience and appeals. Any background information that is important for understanding the congressional election in 2020 should be included here.

* A second section (approximately 2 pages) should put the relevant information about the district into context. How does the material from lecture and our texts relate to understanding political outcomes in your district? This section helps communicate to your reader that you have mastered the material and are able to apply it to the congressional election you have been assigned.

* A final section (around 2 pages) should give an informed opinion on the 2020 elections. Who are the likely candidates (primary and general elections)? What do you predict for the congressional election outcome in November 2020, and why? Even if the candidates/nominees are unknown, you should be able to predict the party outcome based on the material we have covered. Would this be a change from past elections or something consistent with the future? Although you are not asked about the presidential election nationally, you should be able to add something about the relationship between the presidential and congressional (and other?) contests in your district. In this final section, or in the previous section, you might want to discuss broader trends for the next year and how they may impact the congressional election (these might include impeachment, the national or local economies, domestic or foreign crises, campaign finance, electoral law, or anything that might impact the election result).

* That noted, it is also important to remember the outcomes of congressional elections are quite predictable. But it is also important to remember that your assigned district shows signs of potential electoral volatility—the 2020 election outcome could reasonably go either way and, with other districts in our class, could decide control of the House of Representatives. A firm partisan prediction for 2020 election outcome should be your conclusion as well as the theme that structures your paper’s organization.

* The outline above is intended as a guideline, not a strict rule or rubric to follow. You might consider other ways to format your paper if you find it useful. For instance, you might write your paper as a research report for a potential candidate, a potential campaign donor, as background for a political journalist, or a state or national political party official. Your goal is not to write about what you want the outcome to be, rather you want to provide a realistic and objective assessment of what the election outcome is likely to be.

* In addition to the text, you should include references, notes if you have them, any tables or figures (past election result, district maps), or any other supplemental material. You should cite references for all material you use for the paper. Any citation style is acceptable, although APSA style (Chicago style) of (name, date) references is preferred. Do not fill your text with book or article titles or web site addresses—content and thoughtful analysis are what make a good report. A strong paper has no distracting spelling or grammatical mistakes and is written well. Rereading and revision of the paper are critical for producing a better paper.

* You will make a brief presentation on your congressional district on one of the following class dates: Wednesday, November 20, Friday, November 22, Monday, December 2, and Wednesday, December 4. Please email our TA, Aime, to reserve a spot on the day’s agenda. Attendance of all students on all presentation days is, of course, expected.