What methods were used to collect the data?

research methods

Assessment Instructions Note: You must complete and receive feedback on this assessment before moving on to submit Assessment 2. Use the Capella library to locate two psychology research articles: a quantitative methods article and a qualitative methods article. These do not need to be on the same topic, but if you have a research topic in mind for your proposal (see Assessment 5), you may wish to pick something similar for this assessment. Read each article carefully. Then, in a 2–3-page assessment, address the following elements:

1. Summarize the research question and hypothesis, the research methods, and the overall findings. TEMPLATE_PSYC-FP4600_00003: 2015-07-10 15:14:56.538051

2. Compare the research methodologies used in each study. In what ways are the methodologies similar? In what ways are they different? (Be sure to use the technical psychological terms we are studying.) 3. Describe the sample and sample size for each study. Which one used a larger sample and why? How were participants selected? 4. Describe the data collection process for each study.

What methods were used to collect the data? Surveys? Observations? Interviews? Be specific and discuss the instruments or measures fully—what do they measure? How is the test designed? 5. Summarize the data analysis process for each study. How was the data analyzed? Were statistics used? Were interviews coded? 6. In conclusion, craft 1–2 paragraphs explaining how these two articles illustrate the main differences between quantitative and qualitative research.