This is a nursing thesis. The topic is the importance of spiritual care in the end of life. This is for a U.K. student. There is a need to undertake preliminary concept analysis In order to understand the bigger picture and then critically appraise the scope of the available research relating to the topic. You are required to define what spiritual care means to you. What are the aims, objectives and rationale. Discuss the key concepts e.g. spiritual needs, end of life, spirituality. What is the relevance to your future nursing professional practice? What is the historical background And contemporary background for examining it? why is it important today? Are there any theories, policies, professional standards, or laws relating to this topic? Evidence based guidelines e.g. NICE, regulatory bodies e.g NMC or reports? What is the U.K. National Health Service guideline regarding the importance of SC. Clarify search criteria and strategy, search terms, range, inclusion , exclusion criteria. Every fact mentioned must be cited and referenced. This will require a minimum of 15 references.

This is element one which is an introductory story into the thesis work. It would include 1500 words and 500 words of the draft plan to element two