Training Plan for Entry Level Position in Nursing

Training Plan for Entry Level Position in Nursing

Pick an entry level position that you are familiar with and create a detailed training plan of approximately 1,200-1,500 words,

Include a complete discussion of:

  • needs assessment (what is a needs assessment, how will you do it and what will you train on);
  • development and conduct of the training (details on the training that will be conducted);
  • how you will evaluate the training, and
  • the key competencies (using the concepts from chapter 7) that you believe are essential for success in the position.

Include a minimum of two references.

Format your paper consistent with APA guidelines.

Grading Rubric Week 4 Points
Introduction and overview of the position to be trained 1
Needs Assessment 2
Development and Conduct of Training 3
Evaluation of the training 3
Key Competencies for success 2
Appropriate research – minimum of 2 – and use throughout the paper 3
Adherence to UOP standards for written work

  • APA format
  • Major points are organized in a logical fashion.  Each paragraph is clear and contains one major idea.
  • Rules of grammar and punctuation are followed.
  • No spelling errors
  • Word count approximately1,200-1,500 words.