#1 Discussion:

1. Watch:

2. Read:


Pick ONE of the following questions to write a 200+ word answer:

  • If the technology ever exists, do you think that people should attempt to recreate extinct species such as dinosaurs? What would be the benefits? What would be the dangers?
  • Do you think it is fair to recreate extinct animals, such as dinosaurs, which would have to adapt to today’s surroundings: environment, bacteria, predators, and food sources?


  • All posts must include a quote from the article & the TED Talk or an article read for this week in Monsters: A Bedford Spotlight Reader
  • 8th MLA citation


2 replies of at least 50 words (I will post two person’s answers after you finish the discussion)

#2 Discussion:

1. Watch:

2.Write a 200+ word answer to the following scenario:

Using the video & articles decide what type of leadership style would least like to see in a genetic modification lab & why do you think that it would NOT work. Please use two quotes from Frankenstein’s Cat to support your ideas.

#3 Discussion:

1.Pick one ad or news report with a logical fallacy

2. Share the link, identify the fallacy that you have not previously posted about, and in a PIE paragraph of 200+ words explain why you think it depicts that fallacy.