Statement of intent for Nurse Practitioner Fellowship in Oncology at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.


1- Statement of intent for Nurse Practitioner Fellowship in Oncology at Sylvester Comprehensive Cancer Center.

One typewritten page describing career goals and motivation for pursuing the Oncology Fellowship and how it will enhance your career

2- Three Letters of Recommendation –

Letters must reflect clinical performance and must be from a person qualified to comment on your qualifications in your patient care setting.

One must be from a preceptor from Clinical Practice rotations during Nurse Practitioner Program

2 other recommendation(s) may be from applicant’s professional peers.

Bellow you can find my my professional experience and education.

EDUCATION: South University 2016 – 2018

Master of Science in Nursing Adult-Gerontology

Primary Care Nurse Practitioner GPA 3.85

Florida National University 2011– 2014

Bachelor of Science in Nursing GPA 3.53

Florida National University 2009- 2011

Associate of Science in Respiratory Therapy GPA 3.63




Larkin Community Hospital- Respiratory Therapist 2014- Present

· Assist, treat and care of patients with respiratory disorders including emergency care, mechanical ventilation, and cardiopulmonary resuscitation

· Perform patient assessments

· Monitor patient’s response to therapy and medications

· Inspect, clean and test respiratory equipment to ensure its functioning

· Responsible for drawing and analyzing arterial blood samples

· Perform suctioning and pulmonary hygiene therapy

Baptist Hospital- Neuroscience Center-Registered Nurse 2017- Present

· Monitor patient’s post-craniotomy, tumor resection, lumbar-spine surgery.

· Performing NIH and stroke alert.

· Assessment of patients with stroke, post-thrombectomy/TPA, SDH, ICH

· Implementing seizures protocol, management of VP shunt

· Evaluation of patients with neurological conditions

Kendall Regional Hospital- IMCU- Registered Nurse 2016- 2017

· Provide care for ventilator and tracheostomy patients

· Treat trauma and burn patients

· Hemodynamic monitor for step-down

· Post-surgical patient monitoring

University of Miami Hospital– PCU– Registered Nurse 2015- 2016

· Provide nursing care and medical treatment to patients

· Conduct nursing assessments based on the patient’s history and physical status

· Determine follow up procedure as necessary

· Identify critical medical needs and emergency situations and provided care

· Conduct appreciate laboratory test and quality control care procedures

· Document nursing procedures