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Group Counseling Proposal Assignment

In this assignment, you will build upon the research conducted for the group counseling special topic paper. The purpose of this assignment is to design a developmentally appropriate and culturally sensitive group for a specific clinical issue. Group counseling theories/techniques will provide the framework of activities outlined in the group counseling proposal. In addition, ethical and legal considerations, including crisis management or suicidal/homicidal ideation, will be addressed in the proposal to promote a successful implementation of the group.


Your agency administrator has given you the green light to develop a new counseling group for the specified population. You have been asked to create a six session group counseling proposal to work with the identified population to provide counseling or psychoeducation for a specific treatment issue. You may or may not be leading this group yourself. Thus, the group proposal needs to be detailed enough for a co-worker to run the group without you.   


Develop a proposal for a psychoeducation or counseling group that will run for six-sessions (90 minutes per session – unless with children 30-45 minutes). The proposal should include the following information:

a.                   Describe the overall structure of the group including:

1.        the purpose and goals of the group (e.g., treatment issue, rationale for group);

2.       the length, frequency, and duration of group; and

3.       Cultural/developmental considerations in rationale for the group.

b.                   Define eligibility criteria, recruitment strategies, and screening techniques. Include cultural/developmental considerations as related to participant recruitment.

c.                    Analyze and recommend group leadership appropriate for this proposed group.

1.       Describe a leadership style and roles for the leader of group.

2.       Include concrete examples of appropriate group intervention strategies, such as process comments, empathic responses, self-disclosure, feedback, confrontation, and pacing skills across the various stages of a group’s development.

d.                   Generate proposed group norms, process, and procedures. Be specific.

1.       Structure of group (e.g., open/closed groups)

2.       Group rules

3.       Describe how these elements may be adapted by group participants.

e.                    Propose activities/interventions for EACH  session (detailed), and describe how these fit with the anticipated stage of group process (include group handouts in appendix as needed).

1.       Include cultural/developmental considerations while describing activities.

f.                     Provide ethical/legal considerations.

1.       Include how crisis in group will be handled (e.g., psychological first aid strategies for suicidal/homicidal ideation).

2.       Briefly mention any additional ethical/legal considerations as noted in the special topic paper or additional considerations that are relevant to this specific group.

g.                   Explain the group’s evaluation criteria: What will determine whether group goals have been met?

h.                   In a closing paragraph, summarize your proposal and rationale.

Your final product should be a 13-15 page Word document (including the cover page, references, and appendix), using a minimum of 5 scholarly sources. At least one of your references should be from the Journal for Specialists in Group Work. Be sure you write in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrate ethical scholarship in accurate representation and attribution of sources; display accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. Use the most current APA format.

Grading Criteria