6 pages minimum 10 pages max

double spaced

APA style

Biopsychosocial assessments include the following:

  • Identifying information (e.g., name, age, etc.)
  • A history of the present circumstances (i.e., the presenting problem, symptoms)
  • The past psychiatric and medical history of the client and the client’s family (e.g., injuries, operations, etc.)
  • The client’s social history (e.g., overview of client’s childhood, family structure, etc.)
  • A mental status exam and DSM-5 diagnosis (when you get to this part let me know what mental illness the character has and i will send you picture of the information in the book you might find the diagnosis online it depends)
  • A formulation (e.g., a statement that summarizes and synthesizes the most important aspects of the case to create a story of the client and his or her past and presenting problems)
  • You can add on to the characters story!! it will make your life easier.
  • I will add an example of an essay in the past so u get an idea of how to do it