Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Role of the Advanced Practice Nurse

Question descriptionThe paper is to be based on current literature, standards of practice, core competencies, and certification bodies for my chosen role (Nurse Practitioner) The paper should be 10–12 pages excluding the title and reference, and APA format is required. Please it has to be a separate page for title, 10 pages for the materials and last page for references. I am attaching 3 paper files that were done with good grade. I want you to use them for the corresponding points please and to match my answer of those paper with this final proyect. I displaying the grading criteria because is more detailing for the proyect requirement. Any question please contact me asap.

Assignment 2 Grading Criteria Maximum Points
Advanced Practice Roles in Nursing:

  • Compared and contrasted the roles of the NP, nurse educator, nurse informaticist, and nurse administrator in advanced practice nursing pertaining to clinical practice, primary care, education, administration, and research.
Individual Advanced Practice Role (20 points each):

  • Examined regulatory and legal requirements for the state in which you plan to practice.
  • Described the professional organizations available for membership based on your selected role.
  • Identified required competencies, including certification requirements for your selected role.
  • Predicted the organization and setting, population, and colleagues with whom you plan to work.
Leadership Attributes of the Advanced Practice Role (20 points each):

  • Determined your leadership style.
  • Identified leadership attributes you currently possess and attributes you may need to develop.
  • Determined how to attain and evaluate those missing attributes.
Health Policy and the Advanced Practice Role (20 points each):

Visited the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation and identified a health policy issue. Conducted a review of literature and addressed the following:

  • Described the current policy and what needs to change; justified your conclusions with citations from the literature.
  • Provided the process required to make the change with key players and parties of interest.
  • Explained how you could lead the effort to make or influence the change in policy.
  • Predicted the effect on healthcare quality if the change in policy is implemented.
APA Style/Format:

Wrote in a clear, concise, and organized manner; demonstrated ethical scholarship in appropriate and accurate representation and attribution of sources; and displayed accurate spelling, grammar, and punctuation. APA format was used.