role of consultant to McDonald’s

The purpose of the case assignment is to provide you with practical insight into course material and improve your analytical and decision-making skills in strategy formulation.
The assignment should be submitted in no more than 2,500 words of text, plus a maximum of 3 pages worth of optional exhibits. Exhibits must consist of student analyzed work, rather than mere reproductions of reading or lecture material. They must clearly support, and be referenced within, the text to be considered valid components of the report. They may be inserted within the pages of the section or appended to the document.
The only materials you should use in preparing the assignment is the case itself and the reading and lecture material assigned to date. External research tends to contaminate analysis and is not condoned. Submissions will be checked for breaches of academic integrity and such breaches will be met with zero tolerance.
Please consult the course schedule for the assignment deadline. Late assignments will be accepted until 12 hours following the deadline with a 20% penalty.
McDonald’s Corporation (available in Connect)
Your assignment
Assume the role of consultant to McDonald’s. CEO Chris Kempczinsky has asked you for an analysis of the case situation and your recommendations moving forward.
1. (10%) Identify the central decision(s) and issue(s) facing the firm.
2. (60%) Perform an analysis of the external, internal, strategy, and performance related situation facing Kempczinsky and the firm. In doing so, use the appropriate course concepts, tools, and frameworks you have been assigned to date. Clearly indicate the topics you consider relevant with headings and, if necessary, define them briefly before applying them to the case. Make explicit the case evidence and support information you relied on in making assessments and drawing conclusions
3. (20%) Identify and assess Kempczinsky’s main decision alternatives.
4. (10%) Make and justify your recommendation(s) using course related concepts and tools. Include a brief implementation plan.

*** All the documents have been attached, the case study has been screenshot and put into a word document. The syllabus has also been attached if any additional resources are needed. The outline of the assignment has also been attached.