Resident Care

Week #5  (7/2) Resident Care

Learning Objectives:

· Understand the varying aspects of caregiving.

· Appreciating the dynamics of cultural norms and differences in SNFs.

· Decision making in later life.

· Quality of life in nursing homes.

· Palliative Approaches.



· Examine Sexual Stigma Attitudes – Syme

· Goals of Care or Goals of Trust – Rosemond

· Improving Quality of Life in Nursing Homes – Degenholtz

· Interact Institute – Bonner

· Making Difficult Decisions – Katz

· Older Adults Influence in Family Care – Heid

· Predictor of Six Mortality among nursing home residents – Levy

· Prevalence of Obesity in Nursing Homes – Zhang

· Racial disparities in use of physical restraints in nursing homes – Cassie

· Sexual Abuse of Older resident in Nursing Homes – Iversen



These assignments are due on Wednesday July 10th.

1. Write a 2 page paper describing the challenges of providing care to morbidly obese individuals in SNF setting.

2. Write a 2 page paper explaining the variety of disputes that may arise when making healthcare decisions regarding nursing homes and palliative care.