For this assignment you will be starting somewhere in the middle, drafting material that may or may not end up in your final draft. In other words, you are not going to simply start with an introduction and write towards a conclusion — this will be messier than that.

We are adopting this strategy because many of you may not yet have a clear sense of how your line of inquiry or analysis is unfolding, and so may not really be prepared to think about what the overall structure of your paper is going to be. We’ll save that for later. Right now, concentrate on generating material that:

  • Summarizes, explains, and provides necessary context for your key sources, including any key terms or concepts that you intend to use
  • Sets up the context for and purpose of your paper, providing necessary background information to your readers to help them understand what may be at stake in your research, and to whom and why it matters
  • Considers the purpose, the primary audience(s), and the context(s) for key sources, in relation to your own purpose for writing. How might these things matter or make a difference in how we (your readers) should understand your sources or their ideas?

Your work should rely on the writing you’ve already done in the annotated bibliography.

** The sources will be added later **

This writing should include in-text citations where they are needed and should make use of summary, quotation, and paraphrase as needed. Establish a works cited page at the end of your draft that contains complete, accurate citations for all research materials.

**You must write six pages of new material this way.**