Re-read the section titled “How Laws Are Made

Re-read the section titled “How Laws Are Made” in your textbook (Chapter 2, p.18). Provide an example of a policy bill or law and identify where that bill/law fits into the law making process. In your answer make sure to:

  1. Discuss the bill/law
  2. Indicate the fate of the bill/law (passed, not passed, where it stalled)
  3. Provide the context of the political landscape at the time (e.g., House and Senate control) and presidential national agenda and how that affected the fate of the bill/law
  4. Include analysis reported by the Congressional Budget Office, if any.
  5. Identify interest groups and/or other stakeholders.
  6. Provide at least two references (APA style).
  7. Respond essay-style (not in bullet points or Q&A format) with 350-500 words.
  8. Follow APA formatting guidelines for your assignment. If you are not familiar with APA style, please consult with the information under Tools and Resources in your syllabus.

Naming and Submitting Documents

Before you submit a document, name your file according to the format below. Avoid special characters and spaces in file names. Use a single underline _ to separate words.

The name of your… …should follow the format: Example:   Assignment1 LastNameFirstInitial_Assignment# SmithJ_Assignment1

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