Psychology article

Article Reviews 

1. Read, summarize, and react to an article from a current newspaper or periodical (publication date no earlier than March 1, 2017) 

2. concerning any issue related to the study of psychology. Articles should not be used from tabloids (e.g., National Enquirer) or advice letter 


A- Cover Page (at top left and right corners this information is required) 

Article Tittle 



Source be specific Date published and page No. (Or 2) 

B- Starting on the second page: SUMMARY (minimum one page–at least 25 typed lines) * Identify the topic/subject 

* Identify any particular person or group discussed * Identify any particular locations and/or time references, if appropriate 

* Give highlights of the article

 * Give any conclusions drawn by the author 

REACTION (minimum one page–at least 25 typed lines) 

* This is your interpretation/feelings about and evaluation of the article

 * Relates to what area of psychology? 

* How was its readability? 

* Identify specific agreements/disagreements you may have and why 

* What implications do you see for individuals, groups, or society? 

* Give any conclusions you may draw.

 * Anything else you would like to say. 

YOU MUST USE the headings SUMMARY and REACTION to identify these sections. 

4- Reviews are to be MLA typed (doubled-spaced), with one (1) inch margins. Correct grammar, spelling, 12 times roman. Anything less will negatively affect your grade. 

5- must be don on time no late 

6- simple words 

7- no plagiarism

8- thank you