Placement Seminar (Journal Reflection Assignment) Social Worker


TOPIC:. Various agencies experience a multitude of barriers and limitations that impede their ability to provide service. What are some barriers and limitations these agencies experience and what are the implications on the client?

Rule of thumb:
a. 3-4 pages double spaced (not including cover page)
b. Cover pages need to respect the guidelines of APA style formatting: No graphics on the page, your name, the professor’s name, title of the assignment, course name, course number, date, name of the College, all information is in the middle of the page (from the top and the side)
c. Grammar, spelling and command of the English language are always marked. Make sure you edit your assignment before handing it in. It is at the discretion of the professor if they choose to mark your unedited assignment or ask you to redo the editing. If you are asked to redo the editing and don’t resubmit it, you will obtain a mark of 0.
d. A reflection is not only about how you feel about a situation. It is also how you managed these feelings and what you learned to do differently or perfect upon the next time the situation arises. You need to relate the actions you took to what you learned in your classes. You need to name a few skills in the field you used, how you used them and why you chose to use those skills rather than others.
e. Stick to one situation, event or activity.
f. DO NOT WRITE ABOUT WHAT WAS SAID OR WHAT YOU EXPERIENCED IN SEMINAR CLASS. What is said in seminar class is confidential. You are to write about what you experienced in your field placement and not in seminar class. All assignments that do not respect this rule will be marked 0.
g. You need to objectively detail your learnings on the skills used in the social service work context that you observed or participated in.
h. Do not write as an observer in both journals. You must describe an activity, event or situation that you participate in and used some of the social service worker skills you developed.
i. This is an academic journal not a personal diary. Academic journals need to show your learnings in the field. You need to be able to show that you are using professional judgement, respecting client confidentiality and developing social service worker skills within the field. Professionalism in practice, in relation to developing professional relationships with clients, staff and your colleagues (in field and in class) and in writing (whether within the academic environment or in the field) is of utmost importance.
j. See the rubric for evaluation guidelines