Read Gaventa “Maternal Imagery in the Letters of Paul” (pp. 3-15)

(1) Write a paragraph about Paul’s metaphors of the Christ Event. Choose three that you think still have the most impact of “rearranging the furniture in our minds.” These metaphor, when realized by faith, sharpen the Pauline mind-weaponry.

(2) Write a paragraph about a your own (or borrowed) philosophical/theological metaphor that rearranges furniture in your mind. Argue how having faith in this way of thinking affects your view of the world.

(3) Add these paragraphs and prior paragraphs (Modules 5-6) to your Midterm Essay. Make edits to your midterm essay based on my comments. Make sure they transition and flow well into your paper.

FeedbackThree Strengths:

(1)Texts. You demonstrate a solid understanding of the course material throughout. And you do not simply rely on your previous school experience (as you discuss) to talk about Pauline theology. You have used what is provided by Fitzmyer, Gaventa, etc. in this academic setting. Good job.

(2) Insight. Your hero section is the most insightful section, as noted on page 6. Use this as an example for expanding your other sections.

(3) Your conclusion is solid. It sums up your paper well. Because of this, I suggest using it as your introduction.

Three Improvements:

(1) Argument. See my comments on your introduction. Make it more concrete, especially in the way it previews what you will say in your paper.

Also, work on section transitions. See my note on page 2.

(2) Texts. See my notes on page one about citing texts.

(3)Expand on your own reflections and evaluations. Be more specific. Share stories. Share specific examples from your own life.