Assignment Description

  • Read your text and other appropriate resources/references.
  • Interview a pregnant woman who is in the first or second trimester in order to assess her 24-hour nutrition (food) intake. Include all meals, snacks, fluids, and vitamin supplements. You may put this in a chart format instead of writing in out in paragraph form. Assess the 24-hour nutritional intake of a pregnant woman. Be specific regarding amounts (ounces, ½ cup, 1 cup, etc.).
  • Use Super Tracker , My Fitness Pal , or any other app that allows you to input a 24-hour diet recall and have the diet analyzed for nutrition information. (You may attach a print out of your findings, but the computer printout will not count towards your 2-3 pages of content.
  • Compare the woman’s 24-hour intake to the recommended daily requirements during pregnancy for her gestational age. See the website: for the most current US recommendations for nutrition in pregnancy.
  • Write at least one paragraph of your nutrition recommendations for the patient. Discuss the changes needed in the pregnant woman’s nutritional intake in order to meet the recommended daily intake, including rationale (why changes are needed).
  • Write a brief summary describing your experience in completing this assignment.

Assignment Rubric

  • Using APA style, Times Roman, 12 font, and double spaced type, write a two to three (2-3) page paper.

Introduction (5 points)

Initials, age, and gestational age of woman (3 points)

Discussion of 24-hour intake; be specific regarding amounts (25 points)

Comparison of 24-hour intake to recommended daily requirements (30 points)

Recommendations to improve nutritional intake, including rationale (20 points)

Summary (5 points)

References (2 points)

Organization, grammar, punctuation, spelling (10 points)

**You can make up a gestational age (how many weeks of a pregnancy) as long as its between the 1st and 2nd trimester. This paper doesn’t have to be based on a actual person, but make sure its aligned with the rubric.