After viewing this performance, review the article Maestro Neeme Jarvi on Leadership

to help you respond to the following questions. Remember that you should incorporate your personal thoughts and options into your responses whenever possible and appropriate.

    • How is cultivating relationships with donors part of the team-building process at the Detroit Symphony Orchestra (DSO)?
    • How is leading an orchestra similar to leading a team in a business?  How is it different?
    • What internal leadership actions are required of an orchestra conductor?
    • How does Jarvi use nonverbal communication to lead the orchestra and audience?
    • What conditions of group effectiveness are present in the DSO?
    • What characteristics of team excellence are present in the DSO?
    • How is this a strong example of Path-Goal Leadership in action? Can you think of another example of Path-Goal Leadership in practice?
  • Complete the “Path-Goal Leadership Questionnaire” located on page 133 of your textbook, share your results and what you learned about yourself by completing this questionnaire.