Nancy Spero and the image of women through war

I am researching about Nancy Spero. I will give you a short description about my topic for my research:

Topic: Nancy Spero and the image of women through historical time, focusing on showing women as a symbol of victimage of both men and women that could happen suddenly because of war, and bomb.
Title: Woman as Protagonist The Art
Abstract: Women’s history has been full of pioneers: Women who fought for their rights, worked hard to be treated equally and made great strides in fields like science, politics, sports, literature and art. In a war environment, it is common to view bloodied images of male fighters and victims, but the presence of women and children greatly elicits emotions since most of these victims are hapless, unarmed, and innocent bystanders. Nancy Spero was a feminist artist known for images of women that were mainly thematic. Most of her works are unconventionally expressed, with the manipulation of form. This paper will answer the question about Nancy Spero if she was using imagery of war to condemn gendered violence or was she using imagery of gendered violence to condemn war? This paper will also analyze the connection of Nancy Spero’s art that draw the images between body parts of a person and war. (This is for my big paper not this paper you are writing to me)

– Prompt: Early in your paper, you should include a section where you review the prior scholarship that has
contributed to your understanding of your topic, and helped shaped your position on it. For this week’s
assignment, you will review the key scholarly sources on your topic and summarize their views, as well as
your critique of their views in relation to your own position.
Please write a 750–1000 word literature view that compares a minimum of three scholarly sources.
Quote and cite all your sources (both syllabus readings and outside sources) using Chicago-style footnotes
or endnotes, and make clear reference to your sources when differentiating between the views they present.
Make sure to note any disparities of fact or position between the sources.

I will give you 4 sources to write this paper, and I will also give you one of my visual analysis of Nancy Spero so you can have a view of what I’m writing about (You don’t need to read it but it’s short and it will help you have a view about what’s im researching so it would be really nice if you can read it)

Source 1:
Source 2:
Source 3:

Source 4: (The video is very long so you don’t need to watch it, I have a summary for you in the materials. The video is just about the analysis of Mignon Nixon about Nancy Spero’s art).