Currently, there seems to be a little chaos at The White House. Several people from his staff have been indicted, incarcerated and resigned due to scandal and/or federal investigation. Now the Mueller Report is out and it does not exonerate the President of obstruction. Through all of these challenges, President Trump’s approval ratings continue to rise. During the 2016 Presidential Campaign, Donald Trump was often been compared to PT Barnum. After studying him this week in Chapter 12, and your observations of President Trump, have you noticed any similarities and/or differences between these two men.

Consider the following questions in your responses:

  1. Do you think there is a comparison between PT Barnum and Donald Trump? Why or Why not? Give some examples.
  2. Considering the recent scandals, resignations, indictments, guilty pleas and investigations do you think the White House has a problem with messaging? Why or Why not? Give some examples.
  3. The new Communications Director is Bill Shine (Hope Hicks resigned earlier this year) is a former Fox News Channel executive. How do you think this previous experience will impact his new job?
  4. If you were the new Communications Director or the PR Firm, how would you improve the White House messaging to the public to Make America Great Again?

I encourage you to do additional research but I am posting several links (click on them they are in blue) and videos and articles that may assist you with your responses.




Bill Shine (Formerly Co-President at Fox News) is the new Communications Director for the White House

has a post on some strategies that the White House uses to send their messaging.

post comparing PT Barnum and Donald Trump

It only has to be 300 words max