Media Analysis: Socio-Ecological


  • Select at least five different media sources. Each selection should address or discuss the theme you have opted to write about.


This is a two-part assignment: a blog-style post and three peer replies.

Part 1: Blog-Style Post

Write a blog-style post (500-600 words).

The design (i.e., layout, images/graphics, etc.), content, ‘voice’ (or narrative style), etc., is entirely up to you, but it must reflect a theme covered in this module and relate to food systems. It should be informative, clear, concise, and have in-text links to whatever material you used (reminder: at least 5 sources). For example, if you reference an article  (Links to an external site.)or a video (Links to an external site.), etc., please hyperlink everything for your reader.

This is not a summary or regurgitation of your media materials! Write a blog-style post that you would like to read! And one that you would share with someone else. Use your media materials as support for your position, or argue against them—maybe you really disagree with their “take” on the topic that you’re writing about, etc. In either case, it should be engaging and written for the public at large, i.e., non-experts. Use precise language, but avoid overly technical terms or jargon that many people may not be familiar with.

This isn’t a “term paper” (i.e., large blocks of text). Please include thoughtful graphics (not clipart!) with captions. Think about your organization, and play with your presentation. Be creative! Design is as (well, almost as) important as your content. You want to connect “visually” with your reader, so that you can connect with them “verbally.” What would be the most appropriate way to present your topic?

Edit, edit, edit. Proofread. Rinse and repeat.

Upload your submission (DOC/X or PDF) to the Discussion Board.


Part 2: Peer Replies

Review three of your peers’ submissions, and write three replies.

Again, these are not “academic” responses, but comment thoughtfully (i.e., more than “good job!”). Leave your feedback as if this was a real-world blog-style post that you’d just read.