match the appropriate letter for the key term or concept to each definition provided 637461

Match the appropriate letter for the key term or concept to each definition provided (items 1–15). Note that not all key terms and concepts will be used.

a. Capitalize

l. Discount rate

b. Depletion

m. Annuity

c. Net book value

n. Intangible asset

d. Depreciation

o. Leasehold

e. Units of production depreciation

p. Patent

f. Straight line depreciation

q. Trademark

g. Declining balance depreciation

r. Goodwill

h. Modified Accelerated Cost Recovery System (MACRS)

s. Amortization

i. Operating lease

t. Leasehold improvement

j. Capital lease

u. Copyright

k. Present value

1. The receipt or payment of a constant amount over some period of time.

2. The process of spreading the cost of an intangible asset over its useful life.

3. An intangible asset represented by the legally granted protection against unauthorized copying of a creative work.

4. The value now of an amount to be received or paid at some future point, recognizing an interest (or discount) rate for the period.

5. An accelerated depreciation method in which the amount to be depreciated is multiplied by a rate that declines each year.

6. The accounting process recognizing that the cost of a natural resource asset is used up as the natural resource is consumed.

7. An intangible asset arising from the purchase of a business for more than the fair market value of the net assets acquired.

8. A depreciation method based on periodic use and life expressed in terms of asset utilization.

9. An intangible asset represented by the right to use property that is not owned.

10. The difference between the cost of an asset and the accumulated depreciation related to the asset.

11. An intangible asset represented by a government sanctioned monopoly over the use of a product or process.

12. The interest rate used in a present value calculation.

13. An accelerated depreciation method prescribed in the Internal Revenue Code and used for income tax purposes.

14. A lease that has the effect of financing the acquisition of an asset; “financing lease.”

15. Calculation of periodic depreciation expense by dividing the amount to be depreciated by the number of periods over which the asset is to be depreciated.