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I need the answer to this in 2500 words, Tort law essay

To celebrate the twenty-year anniversary of its establishment, the Countryman Golf Club decided to treat its employees by throwing a big party in the Paradise Hotel. Matt, a 40-year-old employee, who served for over ten years in the club, was recently promoted to be a manager. In celebrating his promotion as well as the club anniversary, he drank excessively. After five hours of non-stop drinking, Matt was so drunk that he collapsed. The chairman of the club saw what had happened and asked two of his colleagues to carry Matt to a bench in the hotel lobby. After the party was over, members of the club left for home, leaving Matt on the bench. Later that night, Matt who was unconscious, fell from the bench and seriously injured his back.

When Matt was found lying on the floor by a cleaner of the hotel two hours after his fall, the ambulance was called immediately. The 999-operator replied that the ambulance would arrive in ten minutes. However, the ambulance service did not update its GPS map and got lost. When it finally arrived at the Paradise Hotel, it was 90 minutes later.

Had Matt been sent to the hospital within three hours after his fall, there was a 55 per cent chance that he would recover in full. Due to the delay in treatment, severe damage was caused to his spine meaning that deformity was inevitable. Matt also suffered from severe back pain a few days later. Dr Lyn who treated Matt recommended a powerful treatment called Xocine to relieve Matt’s back pain. Matt was very nervous about this treatment and asked Dr Lyn about the potential risk involved. Although Dr Lyn was aware that there was 1 per cent chance that Matt could have an allergic reaction to this type of treatment that would lead to damage to his eyesight, considering that the risk was very small and the treatment had been very effective, she did not mention this risk to Matt and decided to proceed with the treatment. After receiving the Xocine treatment, Matt developed an allergic reaction that resulted in an irreversible damage in one of his eyes.

Advise as to possible claims in negligence.