Lakeside’s staffing

Compensation and Benefit Management

Student Project

Lakeside Health Center is a health care organization which provides a 50 bed medical hospital and outpatient rehab services. Lakeside is a subsidiary of a large hospital, Sunnyview. The executive director of the health center reports to the CEO of the hospital, and the CEO of the hospital reports to a Board of Directors. Lakeside’s hospital is for less severe services. The more critical medical cases are handled at the parent hospital. Lakeside‘s specialty is rehab services. These services can include rehab for sports injuries, rehab from strokes, etc. The city that Lakeside is in does have other medical clinics. Some of these clinics do offer rehab services also. In addition to Lakeside, Sunnyview does operate other clinics throughout the region. Sunnyview’s mission statement does include providing efficient, quality care and being an employer of choice.

Lakeside has been having problems with staff turnover. It appears from exit interviews that there is not consistency with pay patterns, pay scales, and equity among staff. With the medical profession being in short supply of workers, especially rehab workers, the Board wants this addressed. Lakeside does not have a formal pay model in place. As the new Human Services Director, you will design the pay model for the organization. The project will include a formal document that the Executive Director can present to the Board for recommended implementation.

Information regarding Lakeside’s staffing is as follows:

1.0 Executive Director


1.0 Director of Nursing

7.0 RN’s

8.0 LPN’s

10.0 Nursing Assistants

3.0 Lab Technicians

2.0 X- Ray Technicians

Rehab Center:

1.0 Rehab Director

7.0 Rehab Therapist

15.0 Rehab Therapy Assistant


1.0 Office Manager

1.0 Billing Specialist

2.0 Accounting Clerks

3.0 Receptionist

1.0 Human Resource Manager

2.0 Human Resource Assistants

There are a total of 65.0 FTE’s. (Full Time Equivalents)

The number of staff in each category is as follows:

Executive Director: 1

Director of Nursing: 1

RN’s: 12

LPN’s: 14

Nursing Assistant: 18

Lab Technicians: 4

X Ray Technicians: 3

Rehab Director: 1

Rehab Therapist: 9

Rehab Assistant: 13

Office Manager: 1

Billing Specialist: 1

Account Clerk: 2

Receptionist: 2

HR Manager: 1

HR Assistants: 2

The total number of staff is 85.

Physicians are contracted through the hospital. Janitorial and maintenance services are also contracted out.

The students will develop a compensation plan for Lakeside Health Center. Throughout the course, part of the weekly assignments will be components of the plan that the student will compile into their final document. The student’s final document should be submitted to the Dropbox by Day 7 of Week 8. A recommended outline of the final document is as follows:

Lakeside Health Center

Compensation Plan

I. Organizational Chart

II. Compensation Objectives

III. Job Analysis Guidelines

IV. Job Description

V. Job Ranking

VI. Performance Appraisal

VII. Pay Scale (Pay Plan)

VIII. Benefit Plan

IX. General Policy Guidelines

This is a recommended outline. Students may revise their own plan as they choose, adding or modifying components. For example, a student may wish to add a compensation budget, or may choose to add a section on how the system will be managed.

The final document should be considered a formal document. The final document should have a cover page, a table of contents, and each section should be identified and have the supporting information included. Each section should also contain a description of the information included.

More information will continue to be provided regarding sections of the plan throughout the course. Students should be working on their plan throughout the course as components of the plan are discussed.