In this discussion, I will give you a “What would you do?” scenario.

In this discussion, I will give you a “What would you do?” scenario. Please share with the class what you would do in the following scenario. Also, include any resources, websites, phone numbers, or other information you would provide to help your friend, Dakota, in this mock scenario below.  

NOTE: I have selected gender-neutral names so that you may decide if this is a heterosexual couple, same sex couple, etc. You can choose if Dakota is male or female. You can also choose Chris’s gender.

Your best friend, Dakota, has become despondent. You are not sure if Dakota is angry with you. You decide to confront Dakota.

Dakota shares with you that Chris, Dakota’s partner, has been very stressed since losing a high paying job. The bills and strain of a job search have created a situation in which Dakota is walking on egg shells. You notice that Dakota has some small bruises. You aren’t sure, but it looks like someone grabbed or hit Dakota.  

You are a pretty blunt person, and just ask your friend if Chris is being abusive. Dakota looks away and eventually says, “I really push Chris’s buttons, and I know Chris is stressed. I cannot be mad when things get out of hand. Plus, it was only once, and Chris says it will never happen again.”

However, the next time you see Dakota, you can visibly see a black eye that has begun to fade to a nice shade of yellow. Dakota tells you right away that it was a clumsy accident. You know your friend is lying. What do you do? What resources or guidance might be helpful?