Huntington disease

Essay 1 Assignment SheetWould You Want to Know Your Future?Rough Draft Due for Peer Review Wednesday February 15Please follow this assignment sheet carefully as you construct you first formal essay for the course. Paragraph 1:Begin your paragraph with a HOOK or ATTENTION GETTER that leads the reader into the essay.Use a question, quote, shocking fact, or small piece of narrative (story-telling) to attract readers interest and make them want to read your essay. (1-3 sentences) Next, give a SUMMARY of the documentary “The Lion’s Mouth Opens,” giving credit to the director, Lucy Walker. In the first sentence of your summary, give the title of the documentary, the director’s full name, and the main idea. After that, give the main supporting ideas from the documentary in your own words. Leave out minor or inessential details. Do not indicate your opinion in the summary. Do not quote in the summary. (3-8 sentences) End the paragraph with a THESIS that directly answers the prompt question, “If one of your parents had the disease, would you take the genetic test for Huntington’s Disease?”Paragraphs 2,3, and 4: These are supporting paragraphs in which you will back up your thesis with logic and evidence. 1: Each paragraph should begin with a topic sentence. The topic sentence should give one reason for your thesis. Everything in the paragraph should be about the idea in the topic sentence. If it is about a different idea, it should go in another paragraph or another essay. 2: Use logic to explain your reasoning for the topic sentence. (2-4 sentences) 3: Use evidence to back up your topic sentence. This may be a quote or paraphrase from the documentary or one of the articles on Canvas. It may be an example from your own life or experiences. It may be a hypothetical example. (1-3 sentences) 4: Interpret the evidence. Explain to readers what that evidence shows and how it connects to your topic sentence. (1-3 sentences) 5: Conclusion/Transition Sentence. Finally, use one sentence to wrap up this paragraph’s idea and lead readers on to the next paragraph. (1 sentence) Paragraph 5: The conclusion paragraph. 1: First, restate your thesis and topic sentences in different words. (3-5 sentences) 2: Finally, find some way to lead readers out of your essay, using one of the hook techniques above or a call to action. You MUST use at least two sources (including the documentary) in this


MUST quote word for word at least twice in the essay. You CAN NOT quote more than once in a paragraph, although you may paraphrase as many times as you can make work in the paragraph.Formatting: All essays must be typed and double-spaced using Times New Roman 12 point font. At the top left of the first page there should be a header containing the following information:Your Name English 101 CMr. Spencer Essay 1/Draft 1 The Date Turned In When you do additional drafts of your essay, always change the date and draft number in your header, and save the new draft as a new file in your computer. On the second and all following pages, your last name and the page number should be on the top right of each page.