As companies expand globally, a brand like Coke or Nike can be the greatest asset a firm has, but it also can quickly lose its power if it comes to signify something different in every market. Allowance must be made for flexibility in execution because even the smallest differences in different markets’ consumer preferences, habits, or underlying cultures can make or break a brands global success. In allowing such flexibility, a key consideration is how a products current positioning in a particular market might affect the companys future offerings. If a products positioning varies significantly in different markets, any “follow- on product” will likely have to be positioned differently as well, and this raises costs and can create operational problems.

Please explain to me inside an essay format and using academic references the difference between Global Branding Versus Global Positioning of Coke and Nike in the following Global Regions: USA, Europe, and the Middle East. Please make sure that you give me real-life business example and some their marketing campaigns and global strategies of Coke and Nike.

APA format

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