Domestic violence and the aftermath effects on children

Part 1: Topic paper

Students will analyze an “ISSUE” from an interdisciplinary perspective; they will explore the problem from least 2 sides (disciplinary perspectives), but will select 3 discipline to examine before making a final choice. Please use and list 6 academic journal articles or resources that you feel represent the different aspects of the problem that you would like to examine in the overall project.

You are encouraged to use of the following topics:

the crisis of mass incarceration, sexual assault epidemic on college campuses, immigration and

pathways to citizenship for undocumented workers, or crime and violence prevention in under-served inner city neighborhoods.

This topic paper length should be 2 pages minimum, and your final paper will be 12-15 pages. 10 points based on the following:

  • ï‚·  page length requirement
  • ï‚·  topic selection requirement
  • ï‚·  fully describes the rationale for the topic selected
  • ï‚·  identifies all the possible disciplines that are relevant to the topic selected

Note: Please read the attached instruction sheet about the entire project.

Early Bird date (2-point bonus): Monday, March 16th

Part 2: Updated “Official” Reference List

Please include a tentative list of the 6 academic references you have selected and ensure that they are correctly formatted in APA style format 6th edition.

ï‚· Due 3/29 Worth 10 Points Part 3: Article Summary 1

Select ONE of the articles from your 6 chosen on the Reference page (that was submitted on 3/29), and read it carefully. For this assignment, you will write a 2 – 3 page summary of ONE of the peer reviewed journal articles and discuss:

  • ï‚·  the article’s relevance to the topic selected
  • ï‚·  the disciplinary perspective that it represents
  • ï‚·  Also identify the 2nd disciplinary perspective to be used in your integrative paper

Please submit a DRAFT of the introduction section and the background of the topic for your integrative paper (first 3 pages). APA style is encouraged but is NOT required as this a “draft” for feedback from the instructor. However, you must correctly cite your evidence in this draft. (Author Last Name, Year of Publication) or (Harris, 2019).Due Monday, April 22nd at 11:30 pm NOTE: All assignments must be submitted on BB by the

DUE date. Late papers are penalized 10-20%

Part 5: Final Paper

Please submit the final version of your Integrative Research Paper: Introduction, Background of the Issue, Discipline 1 Perspective, Discipline 2 Perspective, Integration of Interdisciplinary Theory, Application of Insights from Both Disciplines and a Conclusion (summarizing the major lessons or proposing a solution to the issue).

This paper MUST conform to APA style format (6th edition). It must include a Title Page, Abstract, The Body of the Paper (10 pages) and a Reference Page.NOTE: PLEASE also review the grading rubric that is attached in order to ensure your paper is complete.