Discussion board

To participate in the discussion board for each week, you will need to read the ethics essays that correspond to the chapter(s) assigned for that week. The PDF containing all ethics essays for the textbook chapters can be found under Course Content.

Please post one discussion question related to any topic from any one Ethics essay that corresponds to the assigned Chapters for the week. Discussion questions should be open-ended, invite students’ opinions and original thoughts, and not have any one correct answer that can simply be found in the textbook (e.g., do not ask for definitions or explanations of theories that can be quoted from the text). 

Please also post a reply to two different students’ discussion questions. Your replies to discussion questions should include your own original thoughts, reflections, and/or connections to your own life experiences/interests. In addition, no quotations should be used in your responses to discussion questions.

 read all files i attached than answer this 2 question, and write one question to Discuss with people.

  Is there any difference between substance abuse and taking drugs to enhance performance?

Do you agree with erasing bad memories when life should ideally be made up of both the good and bad memories?