discussion and/or disagreement) on whether statute law or case law (judge-made law) is the dominant source of Canadian law.

This is my rubric to follow:
Students are to identify why this discourse or disagreement is happening (20% of the assignment mark)?

What are the considerations that are included in this debate (what are the arguments)(40% of the assignment mark)?

You must post one example of a Canadian case law decision that has added or changed statute law significantly (there are dozens of examples – please research the Internet and post a very brief explanation of the case – one paragraph). Do not forget to list the case name in proper citation form. For example: Regina v. Smith (2006) SCR 43 (20% of the assignment mark).

My explanantion–
For this assignment I just need a basic explanantion on what Case and Statute law is and then state why theres conflict/discourse betweent the two , use a canadian case as an example on why case law is better in the situation and the agruements from that standpoint.
– The case law example you could use is the pipeline fight indiegnous people are doing for their land
– Intertwine how the case law helped the indigenous people in a way due to the mordernstic views from case law, rather then statute law.
– Not an essay Research paper format