In Monday’s lesson () you were asked to watch three film snippets and take notes. You were also asked to explore this document which lists all of the people who registered for the ALEC conference in 2017:

What kinds of corporations attended the conference? What legislators or government officials?

Report Out and Discuss

What did you learn from watching these videos? What did you learn in your exploration of the list of ALEC registrants? What is your reaction to all of this? How does it affect your thinking about the social problem process you did your participant observation on? How does it apply to any of the case studies you read about in When We Fight We Win? How do you feel about what you learned here? You must write at least one paragraph (roughly 150 words) to get credit.

After you post, read your classmates’ posts. Write a response to one other student by Friday at midnight. Please remember to be civil, generous and compassionate with one another. We don’t have to agree, but we do have to be respectful when we disagree. Asking sincere questions or sharing your own story are great ways to connect with other people.