Discuss the relevance of ‘30 million word gap’ idea



1) You are expected to watch the TED talk of Anne Fernald. She is talking about the 30 million word gap and its relevance.

2) You are also expected to read 2 articles: one criticising and one defending this idea.

3)There are also 3 empirical articles which can guide you into thinking about this idea, and understanding how and why it is being criticised and whether or not these criticisms valid.

Your questions are as below: 

•Discuss the relevance of ‘30 million word gap’ idea 

•Why do some people criticize the idea, why do some people defend the idea? 

•Shall we still keep that idea? Shall we rephrase it? 

•What is the pros and cons of each idea?

I will be expecting you to understand the discussion and have your idea about the discussion. So, I am not interested in your summarisation capacities but I would like to see your critical thinking capacities.

Please make sure you answer all of the questions, do not merely summarise the assigned text/video, and be clear in your discussions.

plagiarism will not be tolerated!!!!