Overall for the Lesson: 6. Discover Islam: a. Outline the life of Muhammad, b. Differentiate between Shia, Sunni, and Sufi, c. Explore the Golden Age of Islam, d. Define the key concepts found in the Five Pillars and the Six Articles of Faith, e. Identify practices according to the Five Pillars, and f. Explore the Qur’an

And for below – respond and post to the discussion board. (200 word initial and one 200 word response to another – Use Molloy.) Both video discussion and text response – 1) View the video – FMG streaming video (Links to an external site.)- Describe what emotions that the trip to Mecca brought to the believer and compare what is discussed about the daily/weekly worship in the Mosque.

2) Please read chapter 10, respond to the Discussion Forum and take the quiz on the Islamic religion by Monday, midnite.From this reading, we saw that Christianity and Islam both grew out of the Jewish religion. The Jews and Muslims seem to be “works” oriented whereas the Christians seem to be “faith” oriented. Muslims will work hard to accomplish all 5 of the 5 cardinal duties of Islam. What are some of the works or duties that you feel are necessary in order to have a purpose filled life?