Develop a Personal Disaster Plan

 Develop a Personal Disaster Plan
In this project you will develop a personal disaster preparedness plan.
1. Determine which types of natural disasters are the most common for
the region in which you live.
2. Find out which government or private agencies and organizations have
information on disasters for your area.
3. Develop a written plan for how you will prepare in advance for the
most likely disaster(s) that may occur in your area.
4. Develop a written plan for how you will communicate with others during
the most likely disaster(s) in your area. Identify who you will
communicate with, and why.
5. Develop a written plan for what you will do after a disaster strikes.
6. Include in your written plans a process for teaching the plan to other
family members, and how the plan will be periodically updated.

• Use APA style
• Provide references
• Two-pages