Debate healthcare reform effects on stakeholders.


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Debate Assignment : I am in the oposing policy

MN507-1: Debate healthcare reform effects on stakeholders.


In Unit 2 you chose a policy issue that interests your group.


For this Assignment your group will be divided into two, with one side in favor of the policy change and the other side opposed to it. You will work with your debate side group member to create an audio presentation that puts forth your side’s argument (PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi).

Directions Your audio presentation debate should put forth a convincing argument, for or against the policy, based on your research. Your audio presentation must and address:

•What effects will the policy change have on stakeholders?

•Why, or why not, is this policy important?

•What are the costs to stakeholders?

•Important issues and research to support your position.


•Within your group, make an evaluation or judgment about the policy issue you have chosen. Then, with your co-debater, create a convincing argument, for or against the policy, based on your research. Proposition of Policy: declares that a certain policy should or should not be created.

•Using PowerPoint, Google Slides, or Prezi, create an audio presentation of your argument (approximately 5 slides plus reference slides-APA formatted).

•Create a transcript of your audio presentation that will be submitted to the Dropbox.

•Your presentation should be professional in appearance and tone and reflect thoughtful and meaningful application of the policy argument. Speak clearly and convincingly.

•You must include a minimum of (5) different scholarly works supporting your position in the debate (each side).

•Note that this debate will be asynchronous. There will be no rebuttal.

•Each side of the group will be graded on their work. Both students on a side will receive the same grade.

•Submit your presentation and transcript to the Assignment Dropbox.

** This PPT assignement will be an audio presentation **