Comparison of Health Care Policies between United States and France

The healthcare of the United States remains a contemporary issue of argument in the continent. Many people claim that it forms the healthcare system arguments in the continent following the consistent emerging issues. Ironically, the federal government has invested huge capital in healthcare services whose end results do not much the money spent; the services are extremely poor. On the contrary, France offers universal healthcare services yet on moderate capital investment. In fact, according to World Health Organization’s statistics, France offers exemplary healthcare services in the whole world. In comparison, France and United States health care systems operate distinctly.

In both countries, the healthcare systems rely majorly on private and government insurance. It should be noted that both countries have national insurance. However, the national insurance level varies in the two countries. Unlike the United States, France healthcare system majorly depends on national insurance policies. Cooper and Gardner institute that the United States does not only rely on national insurance policies but also on public and private organizations. Similarly, in both countries, the healthcare insurance services are provided by the employers. However, the level of government financing health care services differs in both countries. In particular, the United States government depends largely on private institutions for finance whereas the government of France depends much on itself to finance health services. As of 2014, the healthcare expenditure was seventeen point two percent whereas that of France was at eleven point three which implies that the government of the United States spends much of health yet low-quality services. France has reduced expenditure on healthcare yet the services are of high quality.

In summary, the health care systems of France and the United States constitute differences and similarities. In terms of the quality, France has the best healthcare services to its citizens. Likewise, the government of the United States spends a lot of money to fund the delivery of healthcare service yet they are of low quality. Although France records higher risk factors compared to that of the United States, it still holds quality healthcare services delivery. The governments of United States have many citizens who have no access to healthcare insurance cover, unlike France where healthcare insurance is compulsory. In fact, the United States can derive many lessons from the healthcare system of France to advance their services. For instance, the US government can adopt the principle of compulsory healthcare insurance to enhance all of her citizens have access to healthcare insurance.