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The health insurance system (Exact topic given in the mail to you)


** All references must be POST 2018 ONLY

** Focus on the latest available data on the chosen country in the year 2021

** Include statistics and figures necessarily in the below structure necessarily. Use minimum 3-6 figures and/or graphs necessarily

** All figures must have figure names and its source too necessarily

** Use minimum 10 credible references. APA referencing style to be used. Use good no. of journal articles

** The below given structure must be strictly followed – no deviation is allowed


1.      Introduction: must Include an overview of the Insurance company and its health system and general statistics about health insurance in it.

2.      Identifying the beneficiaries: for example, the Central Bank report .. Insurance coverage.

3.      Determining the comprehensiveness of the services provided: for example, comprehensive or specific (drugs … hospitalization).

4.      System cost in numbers.

5.      Methods of financing: government, employer, installments.

6.      Determining the methods of health services: social or private.

7.      methods of paying financial claims.

8.      System dependency: cooperative … Ministry of Health … Council of Health Insurance.

9.      System administration.

10.  The pros and cons of the system

11.  Conclusion.

12.  References.