Childhood Obesity


  1. For this course, you are to explore an issue related to childrearing or childbearing and address the implications for nursing practice.
  2. Choose an issue – current health care issue/ clinical question of interest from a proposed list of topics in maternity or pediatric nursing
  3. Write a short paper (5-5 ¾ pages) on a pediatric (CHILDHOOD OBESITY) health care issue following current APA guidelines.


  1. Assignment:
  • Introduction
    • Describe why this is a problem (Is the problem on the increase? Is it a significant problem for special communities/populations? Does the problem cause a serious illness or death?)
    • Briefly describe any important the background to the problem
    • Offer data to support its importance to nursing and the resulting significance to clinical practice
    • Write a clear and concise Purpose Statement. The Purpose Statement is the “roadmap’ for what the author plans to discuss. The primary and secondary headings are derived from the Purpose Statement.
  • Review of the Literature
    • Review the literature that reflects “Evidence-Based Practice”
    • Identify and describe any facilitators, alleviating factors, and/or barriers to this practice problem
    • Synthesize the evidence in terms of suggestions and recommendations to address this practice problem
  • Discussion/Implications to Nursing Practice
    • Discuss evidence findings and the resulting implications to nursing practice and future research
    • If there is limited information concerning Implication for Nursing Practice for this issue then focus discussion the role of the nurse as described in the BSN Essentials description of the nurse’s role as provider of care, designer/manager/coordinator of care and member of profession (AACN, 2008, p.7).
  • Conclusion
    • Offers the highlights that were discussed; the stops on the road trip.
    • No new information needs to be added here.
  • Sources:
    • There is no exact number, but most students use 10 or more.
    • Most of the sources should be from the last 5 years, from the USA, International, and from Nursing; there are exceptions such as if the source is a classic source that is repeatedly cited by many authors. If you have a question about a source, contact your mentor.
    • Do not turn in the articles with your final paper.


  1. Writing StyleRefer to APA Manual 6th ed. (2012)/Issues Paper Rubric
  • The goal of this paper is to promote professional/scholarly writing as if the paper could be submitted for publication.
  • Formatting: Title page (Chapter [Ch.] 2); Headings (Ch.5); Correct citations in text (Ch.6); and reference page (Ch.7)
  • Spelling, grammar, and punctuation – Students are strongly encouraged to utilize the Fred Meijer Center for Writing
  • Overall structure: REFER TO THE ASSIGNMENT ABOVE
  • Paragraph structure and flow: logical transition from topic to topic (Ch.3)
  • Clarity of presentation: 3
  • Sources: Direct quotations are minimized (Ch.6)