Summarizing a case study assignment in The Globalization of Markets.

We are looking for a knowledgeable MBA or business person who can conduct a written summarization report for a case study about the globalization of markets. the assignment is an article of 22 pages and this is what we need to do:

1- Summarize the article in about 3 pages.

2- Search the literature for those authors who are supporting Levitt’s concept in this article ( at least 4 studies).

3- And for those who are against it ( at least 4 studies ).

4- In about 4 pages, provide your own feedback and opinion based on your understanding of Levitt concept and on the literature that you reviewed.


Write a report answering the following question: “Based on the governance structure of the NCAA, the financial realities of the NCAA, and NCAA ‘amateurism,” should student-athletes be paid by their university for their practice and participation in varsity intercollegiate athletics in addition to their ability to be compensated from their own individual NIL (Name, Image, Likeness) deals. – and why?”

You MUST include cited research from at least THREE sources, at least one of which must be a scholarly journal.

You will be graded on your proper and complete consideration of the specific above mentioned elements as provided in the grading rubric below. The report must be at least 1,000 words and is to be submitted in typed, double-spaced form.

Employee Screening


hi dear i will send you all requirement please fallow up all the Written Assignment Guidelines so i was working for 2 old women that they suffered from Alzheimer it was my pervious job i was as care giver in their home i send you 5 thing for this essay from my book just the teacher wants not some where else, and references from the book, don’t describe a lot this 5 thing just describe those and important is those thing how was related to my job for example for honesty, in the old women home that had gold or some jolery i need to be honest, or knowledge i needed to deal with.and so on i need also you read the 5 thing briefly describe those and more related to my job. just my book not other sources thank you In addicion i learned all of the skill from computer.please mention to mr essay


Employee Screening

In the U.S., millions of people suffering from Alzheimer have many questions about their future, and, as such, they depend on proficient caregivers. Recently, I assisted two old women (Mrs. Taylor and Jones) suffering, from progressive mental deterioration because of general brain degeneration, to shop, cook, wash, dress, take their medication, and manage their money and bills, among other things. My goal as a caregiver was to provide my clients with professional, quality services that meet their needs.

Honesty and Integrity

Honesty is a vital aspect of behaving decently with professional integrity. Generally, the public must be able to not only believe but also trust their caregivers. Patients contemplating medical and other care services have the right to be treated with the utmost truth. The screenshot text shows that tools, such as polygraphs, are used to assess recruits’ honesty and integrity. While I did not undergo the test myself, I behaved with utmost integrity when working Mrs. Taylor and Jones. Handling their credit cards and accessing their bank accounts required honesty. That way, I maintained my professionalism and enhanced my clients’ trust in me. Even so, the law identifies that some situations may involve therapeutic privilege. The concept entails a caregiver choosing not to disclose some information to their patients, which if disclosed, might extremely affect the health, wellbeing, and overall welfare of that patient. This qualification is vital as the professional is definitely being dishonest providing selective and partial account of truth, but does so based on what he or she believes is in patient’s best interest. I took advantage of that principle when one of my client’s children escaped a road accident with major injuries. However, we arrived at that decision with her older sons. In essence, I maintained honesty and integrity.

Job Skills and Knowledge

Working with old people brain degeneration requires skills and knowledge. Some jobs would require skill and job knowledge tests to assess specific types of skills and knowledge needed to perform certain jobs (Screenshot Text). In general, caregivers must be skilled and knowledgeable about the requisite personal care along with activities of daily living associated with working with older citizens. As such, when working with my clients, I was experienced in medication reminders, washing, and general housekeeping, depending on their needs and requests. More so, my background in the psychology of aging equipped me with the requisite knowledge for handling people with Alzheimer’s disease. The screenshot texts demonstrate that job knowledge tests are conducted based on professional procedures. While I never took a test myself, I could discern and attend to their loss of cognitive functioning and behavioral inabilities that interfered with their daily life and activities. That is because the condition worsens over time.


Many employers use biodata instruments during recruitment. According to the screenshot text, biodata is the ‘background information and personal characteristics that can be used in a systematic fashion to select employees’ (INSERT PAGE NO.). Bios are leveraged during networking activities as they present information about the attributes, reputation, tone, and makeup of a potential employee. Sundberg (n.d) demonstrates that 80 percent of job opportunities are filled by networking with friends. Personally, I can attest that networking was vital in securing me the two jobs. I got the first job through a family friend. She was married to Mrs. Taylor’s son and suggested to me that her mother-in-law needed someone to look after her. The second job came through a professional meeting. Mrs. Jones was a former patient at a hospital I volunteered in prior to her admission. During a meeting with my former colleagues, one of the nurses suggested to me she had an elderly patient who required assistance. Even so, in both instances, I was asked for my biodata considering that I was familiar with both networks. I considered a biodata because it was easy to explain a bit about myself.

Motor and Sensory Ability

The screenshot text demonstrates that employers use various motor or sensory ability tests during the hiring process. Motor skill involves precise muscle movement aimed at performing a specific act. Generally, most purposeful movements entail the ability to sense or feel what those muscles are doing while performing the act. While working as a caregiver, I used the large muscle groups to walk my clients in the park and undertaking general household responsibilities. Besides, I used my fine motor skills to learn to type using the computer. On the other hand, sensory skills involve the precise perception of sensations via the body sensory organs. It entails auditory attention, depth perception, far vision, glare sensitivity, near vision, night vision, peripheral vision, sound localization, speech clarity, speech recognition, and visual color discrimination. For instance, my speech was clear, to enable my clients to understand me. Besides, when attending to other activities, such as driving my clients to the hospital, I took advantage of my peripheral vision to notice Mrs. Taylor and Jones when my eyes are looking ahead. Even so, it is advisable to accurately use sensory and motor skills without being overwhelmed.

Emotional Intelligence

Emotional intelligence is the individual’s ability to be conscious of, control, and expression his or her feelings, and handle interpersonal relationships empathically and judiciously (Screenshot text). For one thing, emotional intelligence is vital to not only personal but also a professional success. While attending to my clients, I was cognizant of the need to be emotionally aware. I found that caregiving is an overwhelming task that requires one to define their emotions and those of their patients. With that knowledge, for instance, I could notice when Mrs. Taylor and Jones were downhearted, and, as such, motivated them by taking a walk together. That demonstrated my ability to harness their emotions and apply them to tasks such as thinking and problem solving. Personally, I managed my anxieties by listening to music while attending to my daily responsibilities. Furthermore, regular breaks and offs enabled me to regulate my emotions and come back rejuvenated to cheer up or calm down my clients.


Overall, older generations suffering from Alzheimer require caregivers with special abilities to attend to them. While working with Mrs. Taylor and Jones, my honesty enabled their families to trust me with them. I was not only skilled in housekeeping and running errands but also knowledgeable in the condition they were suffering from. Besides my biodata enhancing my chances of securing the jobs, I took advantage of my motor and sensory abilities, and emotional intelligence to provide adequate, quality services to my clients.


Screen Shot Text.


Summarize a comprehensive health interview for an 85 year old white female living alone with no family in declining health

Summarize a comprehensive health interview for an 85 year old white female living alone with no family in declining health.

1.Describe the communication techniques you would use and explain why you would use these techniques.

2.Identify the risk assessment instrument you selected, and justify why it would be applicable to the selected patient.

3. Develop at least five targeted questions you would ask your selected patient to assess his or her health risks and begin building a health history.

NOTE: consider how factors such as age, gender, ethnicity, and environmental situations impact the health and risk assessment of the patients you serve. You will consider how these factors influence your interview and communication techniques.

Strategic Communication Theory Practice

Do online research related to broad trends in Advertising / PR / Strategic Communications Industry trends and changes in business, specifically the impact of digital on traditional agency models.

Discuss the following:

  • How has the advent of digital communication including direct-to-customer and social media, impacted traditional agency revenue models
  • What new kinds of agencies and marketing partners have emerged as a result of these changes
  • What has been the roles and behaviors of the big holding companies (Omnicom, Interpublic, etc.) in the last 20 years to cope with these changes
  • How has advertising talent (creative, media, strategy, etc) responded to the evolving agency marketplace

You are expected to post a blog giving your thoughts on the blog topic but do not use “I” in your writing.


End-Of-Life Care Becomes An Issue At Some Point For Elderly Clients

Even with the emergence of palliative care programs and hospice programs, most elderly people do not die in their own home as is their preference.

What are the reasons for this trend? Discuss what you can do as a nurse to support your clients regarding end-of-life care in accordance with their wishes.

Support your response with 3 evidence-based literature following APA 2007 format with incitation. About 200 word will be good.

Discussion: Factors That Influence the Development of Psychopathology

Discussion: Factors That Influence the Development of Psychopathology

Photo Credit: Getty Images/Blend Images

In many realms of medicine, objective diagnoses can be made: A clavicula is broken. An infection is present. TSH levels meet the diagnostic criteria for hypothyroidism. Psychiatry, on the other hand, deals with psychological phenomena and behaviors. Can these, too, be “defined objectively and by scientific criteria (Gergen, 1985), or are they social constructions?” (Sadock et al., 2015).

Thanks to myriad advances during recent decades, we know that psychopathology is caused by many interacting factors. Theoretical and clinical contributions to the field have come from the neural sciences, genetics, psychology, and social-cultural sciences. How do these factors impact the expression, classification, diagnosis, and prevalence of psychopathology, and why might it be important for a nurse practitioner to take a multidimensional, integrative approach?

To Prepare:

Review this week’s Learning Resources, considering the many interacting factors that contribute to the development of psychopathology.

Consider how theoretical perspective on psychopathology impacts the work of the PMHNP.

By Day 3 of Week 1

Explain the biological (genetic and neuroscientific); psychological (behavioral and cognitive processes, emotional, developmental); and social, cultural, and interpersonal factors that influence the development of psychopathology.


what is a “culture of safety.”

In this discussion, emphasis is on awareness of client quality and safety and in particular what is a “culture of safety.”

Based on the review of the following websites at the Institute of Healthcare Improvement and Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality answer the following questions.
What values ensure a culture of safety?
How can healthcare facilities establish a culture of safety?
What is the nurse’s role in maintaining a culture of safety?

Human Anatomy And Physiology2

You are attending a primary care visit with your teenage female relative. The primary care physician asks if she is taking birth control pills. She is not, but is considering it. You hear the primary care doctor share the benefits, but not the risks. You begin researching risks to help with a fully informed opinion.

Initial Post

Read Different combined oral contraceptives and the risk of venous thrombosis: systematic review and network meta-analysis.

After reading the assigned article, answer the following question: “Would you recommend birth control pills to your teenage daughter or a best friend’s teenage daughter? Why or why not.

Be sure to support your positions with APA formatted in-text citations and references from the assigned resource.

Reply Post

Identify and discuss at least two potential ethical issues that could be of concern for nurses with telehealth delivered care

Identify and discuss at least two potential ethical issues that could be of concern for nurses with telehealth delivered care. Your initial post should be at least 500 words, formatted and cited in current APA style with support from at least 2 academic sources.