Must have clear thesis statement. I also would like you to highlight the thesis before handing it in.

I have attached a document with the essay question and the readings you need in order to write the essay.

Must be in MLA Format, 1 inch margins, 12 pt font times new roman, double spaced.

Must be 5 full pages

DO NOT SUMMARIZE, include quotes from the new humanities reader that I will provide for you. the readings that you must read are attached below

After using quotes to back up your argument you have to explain the quotes, obviously refrain from using these types of phrases:

“in this essay…”

“this quote explain that….”

“in conclusion….”

I need a works cited page.

I need minimal grammatical errors (Grammarly can help with that)

Please read the requirements clearly. Let me know if you need anything else. Do not use summary quotes. make sure your quotes are word for word the same as the book, then cite the quote. You can ONLY use the readings that I listed. when using quotes to cite the quote add a parenthesis and then in the parenthesis add the author and the page number. Use at least 1 quote from each other in every paragraph. Thank you.