Briefly explain your proposed EHR technology solution


Using the EHR technology solution you proposed in Stage 2, you should briefly explain it and then copy the table below and complete the remaining two columns.  For each area of consideration, you should rank it as high, medium, low, or N/A (Not Applicable) in importance or relevance at time of implementation (and not some time in the future) for the specific EHR technology solution you proposed for the UMUC Family Clinic.  Then, provide a brief explanation, a minimum of two sentences for each, to justify that ranking or the N/A.  Do not try to create a reason if there is none, but carefully analyze each consideration and determine whether it applies and how.  Explanations must provide enough information to convey the reasoning behind the ranking.  DO NOT copy the definitions from the textbook or other sources but put into your own words to demonstrate your understanding of the concept as you provide your explanation for the ranking.  Use the Grading Rubric to be sure you have covered everything.  Submit your paper with answers to parts 1 and 2 below via your Assignment Folder as a Microsoft Word document with your last name included in the filename.


Part 1: Briefly explain your proposed EHR technology solution.  Identify what the solution is, what it is expected to do for the UMUC Family Clinic, and what major hardware, software and communications components will be used, summarizing the information you provided for Stage 2.

Part 2:  Table of Considerations.  The Areas for consideration are defined in the section “Concepts” which follows the table of considerations.  An example for one entry is also provided below.  Click on the upper left corner of the table to copy it into your paper.