briefly describe the hypotheses, methodology, and basic findings


Article Summary Requirements – Spring 2014

General Requirement:

1) Each article summary is worth 2 credits. If student decide to do at least one summary, they will need to complete either two article summaries (2 credits each), or one article summary (2 credits) and 2 additional credits of research participation, in order to complete the research requirement. 2) To get extra credit in the class, at least half the research credits or 1 article summary must be submitted by Friday, March 28th at 11:59 p.m, with no unexcused absences. 3) The final article summary or completion of 4 research credits is due by Thursday, May 8th at 11:59 p.m. 4) Late papers will not be accepted — no exceptions.

· Reports must review one scholarly research article published in any of the following four journals:

· Psychological Science in the Public Interest:

· American Psychologist:

· Cerebrum:

· Current Directions in Psychological Science:

· To access the articles, simply click on the publication year (or use the current issue) then click on the pdf link to download the article of your choice to your computer. In order to access certain journal websites make sure that the cookies function on your computer is set to “always allow.” Also, you may have to use a campus computer in order to download articles from Current Directions in Psychological Science and American Psychologist. For articles in Cerebrum, you will need to click on the printer friendly version icon (top right corner) before printing and saving to your computer.

· Each research report will include a summary of the research plus student insights and thoughts about the research that was presented. (Template below.)

· NOTE: These are individual assignments and are not to be done in pairs or groups of students. The same articles reported by different students will be carefully scrutinized for evidence of individual work using SafeAssign (TM) software.

For each report, you will need an electronic copy of your summary:

1. A written review and critique of the research article to include (template below):

· A summary (500-650 words) of the research in which you briefly describe the hypotheses, methodology, and basic findings. · A critique and discussion (250-350 words) of the significance of the research findings. This is a chance for you to “show off” your psychology skills by adding personal insight and thoughts about the research that was presented. For instance, one might discuss how the research might apply in another situation or context, or discuss how the research helped them understand an event that happened in their own lives. · Your paper MUST be a total of at least 750 words (not including the header). If you paper is less than this, you will not receive credit.

To Submit the Article Summaries:

· Log in to Blackboard. Under Courses click on PSY PARTICIPANT POOL (PSYCH- PARTICPANT-POOL-HR)

· Click on Assignments, then Click on “View/Complete” according to which article summary you are submiting (i.e. your first or second). Upload your document to SafeAssign.

· Please send your article summary as a Microsoft Word Document. Include in the filename your first and last name and either “summary1” or “summary2” (e.g., MichaelSmith_summary1.doc). This is for your protection so that you get credit.

· You will generally receive credit on your paper within 1 to 2 weeks, depending on the time of semester that it is submitted.

To receive credit for your summary, it must meet alI of these requirements. If your paper doesn’t meet all the requirements, the paper will be returned and no credit issued until you submit a version that does meet all of them. No partial credit is given. We advise you to submit your papers well BEFORE final deadline. That way if you need to redo the paper, you will have the time to do so.

Article Summary Template

Your Information Name (first and last): Red ID: Date: PSY 101 Professor: Article Information Author(s): Date of Publication: Name of Journal: Title of Article: Article Summary: Must be at least 500-650 words

Article Summary goes here

Critique and Discussion: Must be at least 250-350 words

Critique and Discussion goes here