Nursing Theories and Role Development;Interpersonal Relations Theory

Nurse scholars have for the longest time recognized that nurses utilize some form of nursing theory and conceptual theories in their day to day activities and they insist that nursing theory is a critical part to the field of medicine. Today, the need for a working partnership between a patient and a nurse is very […]

Nurses’ Experiences of Violence at the Workplace

Much has been said and written about the experiences of nurses in relation to violence at the workplace. The issue of violence in nursing is important because of its potential to undermine the quality of healthcare services and hamper positive patient outcomes. Current scholarly literature interrogates experiences of violence at the workplace meted out against […]

Nursing essay on Cost-Effective Care

When one hears of a patient being over-treated or undertreated, one thing that comes to mind is the new technology that is being used in healthcare. There have been mixed reactions to the technology being used in healthcare services in the United States. Some say that it saves lives, while others think it is too […]